About Us

Tim Smith

Tim Smith started working in the electrical Rep business in 1987 soon after graduating college. He worked for his father-in-law, Bruce Elliasen, for several years until the company merged with another Rep group. He stayed with that group until 1999 when he ventured out on his own and started Electroline Sales, Inc.

Tim strives to be an advocate for his customers as well as a strong representative for his principals. He sells through sincerity, persistence and conviction. Tim has helped to take Electroline from a basement start-up to a thriving rep firm with a growing sales force in two locations.

Tim has a wife, Natalie and two sons, Taylor and Jason.

Kim Osthoff

Kim Osthoff has worked in sales since 1983. She started out with TCF Financial selling annuities and other financial products. High sales goals were set for her each quarter and she always exceeded the goals set forth for her.

Kim worked at Vikeland Sales from 1993 to 1999. It was at Vikeland where Kim learned the ropes of the rep business and became instrumental in supporting the outside salespeople.

Kimís role at Electroline is prospecting for new business through the use of mailings and telemarketing. Her other roles are customer service and follow up with principals.

Scott Weber

Scott Weberís sales experience started in 1986 working as an Application Specialist for Hamlin Inc. After 2 years working in that capacity, Scott was promoted to Regional Sales Manager; a position which he maintained for 8 years when he was yet again promoted to General Sales Manager. From 1999 to 2001 Scott worked for 2 different switch manufacturers as a Regional Sales Manager where he successfully managed Manufacturers Representatives. Previous to joining Electroline Sales Scott was managing his own rep firm I/O Technical Sales.

Scott believes in working diligently to communicate both customer and principalís requirements and capabilities to assure a smooth process from concept to reality.

Scott has a wife, Jill and 3 sons, Michel, Joseph and Andrew. They reside in Lake Mills, WI.

Steve Simon

Steve Simon brings to Electroline Sales, Inc. a vast knowledge of motors, having worked in the motion control industry for the past 8 years. Prior to joining Electroline, Steve spent the past 5 years working as a Senior Sales Engineer for a large Japanese motor manufacturer. Previous to that he worked for a domestic motor manufacturer as an Area Sales Manager.

Steve and his wife Andi have 2 children Jake and Sami, and reside in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Bryan Barton

Bryan Barton has been working in the electronics industry since 1994, 7 years in distribution and the last 13 years as a factory representative. Bryan graduated from the U of M, Duluth, with a B.S. in Business.

Bryan and his wife Sarah have 2 children, Jake and Abbie, and reside in Minnetonka, Minnesota.