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Last December (12/04), I had the privilege of spending a week in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The purpose of the trip was to tour the Defond facilities and get a chance to meet the Defond staff.

The first full day I was in Hong Kong was a free day, so I took the opportunity to take a bus trip to Lantau Island. In reality it was a bus, bus, ferry, bus trip but well worth all the travel. We visited an old fishing village as well as a monastery, which boasted one of the biggest Buddhas in China. It was a very big Buddha.

On the second day, I hooked up with the rest of the DNA reps, to tour the Defond facilities in Hong Kong. From Hong Kong, we traveled to Dong Guan to see one of 4 Defond factories. The facility was very impressive and so large, that it took 2 full days to see it all. I got the chance to see several of my customerís parts being built and tested. We also had many opportunities to sit down with the Defond engineers to talk about specific issues on the projects we are working on.

Between all the tours and meetings, we ate. We ate a lot. I thought the food was great, although I am not a big fan of Jellyfish no matter how it is prepared.

Hong Kong was a great city. It is very clean and I always felt safe. Our friends at Defond were incredible hosts and were always available to translate or bargain at the gift shop for us.

If you have the opportunity to visit China, I would highly recommend the experience.

By: Tim Smith