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Allied Motion/Globe Motors Global company that designs, manufactures and sells precision and specialty motion control components and systems used in a broad range of industries. Primary target markets are the Vehicle, Medical, Aerospace & Defense industry.

Bison Gear & Engineering Parallel shaft and right-angle gearmotors up to 5HP. Motors available in AC and DC as well as Brushless DC. Parallel shaft reducers in NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 mount.

Dalsin Industries Precision metal fabrication, stamping and robotic welding. Automated panel bending of sophisticated shapes and complex geometries. Complete contract manufacturing services, integrating fabricated and stamped metal parts with electrical and electronic components.

Fulling Motor USA Inc. Broad range of stepper and hybrid stepper motors. DC brushless motors and motor drivers. AC and permanent magnet DC motors and gearmotors. Fulling Motors are professionally manufactured in Changzhou city, China.

Helical Products The Heli-Cal Flexure is a flexible helix beam that has been machined from one piece of material. The Flexures can be used as Machined Springs or Flexible Couplings in standard configurations or customer specified designs. Serving Minnesota, W. Wisconsin and the Dakotas.

Helix Linear Technologies Helix offers the largest selection of rolled acme and lead screw sizes in the industry. Helix rolled thread lead screws are cost effective and stocked for quick delivery. Also manufacture linear guides and slides as well as motorized linear actuators.

Infitec A synergistic mix of standard product including timers, motor controls, current sensors, phase controls and liquid level controls as well as a host of custom designed, specialty controls for specific applications.

Marquardt Switch A global leader in the field of electro-mechanical and electronic switches, controls and switching systems for trucks, off-road vehicles, power tools, household appliances and industrial applications.

Quantum Controls Quantum Controls designs and manufactures integrated control solution specific for their customer's needs. Their fully automated production facility and on-site engineering team provides closely monitored production control, quick technical response, and commitment to quality.

Veethree Veethree was founded in 1976 with a mission of pursuing excellence. They have a worldwide presence as a leading OEM, Defense and After Market supplier of Vehicle Display Systems & Sensors, for Commercial Vehicles, Off-Highway Vehicles, Farm Tractors, Construction Equipment, Marine Applications, Forklifts, Gensets and Compressors.

Wells Vehicle Electronics Large selection of standard and custom vehicle electronics. Capabilities include: DC Motor Controls, Voltage Regulators, Pressure Sensors and Switches, Wheel Speed Sensors, Ignition Controls, Position Sensors, Temperature and Level Sensors, etc.