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On July 17th my husband Tom and I, trekked out to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to stop in at Stage Stop #3 of the North American Solar Challenge 2008, sponsored by Defond North America. The stage stop was at Falls Park in Sioux Falls, which was the perfect back drop for the Solar Challenge since the park is powered by hydro-electrics.

Upon arriving at the stage stop I was amazed by the styling of the solar cars, most looked like alien space ships that really catch ones eyes. I was also stunned to find out that some of these cars can do in excess of 80mph but for the race are only allowed to go the posted speed limits.

The following day I was able to see the send off of all the cars. Each car was sent 1 minute behind the other with a chase vehicle that follows it and keeps track of the time for that leg of the “Rayce” (American Solar Challenge term). Some left the start line with gusto others with a slow wind up of speed. I was pleased that the University of Minnesota not only left with gusto but was in a respectable 4th place out of the original 25 cars that had started the race. Go Minnesota!

By: Kim Osthoff

Check out the photos below...